Rachel E Bowes

I completed my doctorate in May 2016 from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kansas (KU).  I am currently an Assistant Professor of Biology at Emporia State University.

Previously, I was a post-doc working with the river research group at Karlstad University in Sweden http://www.nrrv.se/. Our focus was on the holistic and comprehensive evaluation and assessment of river continuity (check out our many ongoing projects here), as well as a post-doc working on an NSF macrosystem ecology project in the laboratory of Dr. James Thorp at KU (http://www.macrorivers.org/ and http://www.aquaticecolab.res.ku.edu/).

I have always had a deep appreciation and fascination for the natural world, and this has developed over the years into an insatiable desire to learn everything I possibly can about it. Not only do I want to discover, but I want to share these findings with everyone, and protect the Earth that I care about so much. With a mind oriented on research and a heart focused on environmental conservation, I hope to combine intellectual science with service to my profession, university, students, and community.



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